Thursday, May 21, 2009

Am... I... Efficient?

I try to live my life as efficient as possible.

Curtsy of Indiana State University, I can say with confidence that I can: reorder a production line so that an item takes the least amount of unnecessary stops from beginning 2 end and so that that same line uses the least amount of energy to do so.

Thanks to my mother,...and her mother, I can also say with confidence that I have: used the same red solo plastic cup branded KATIE for every family function since I was born, as well as kept every cottage cheese or cool whip container ever purchased in order to store meal leftovers labeled w a sharpie.

I... am... efficient.

It wasn't until today though, that I realized just how much more I could be doing in order to get the most of what I have. I've been trying to get the most of my acquired knowledge. I've been trying to get the most of my one time purchases.
But have I been getting the most of my tax dollars?

A constant debate among elected officials, and official hopefuls is whether or not citizens are getting the most for their tax dollars.
But is it really the officials who we elect that are on the chopping block for how that money is being used?

It was today, while on my leisurely walk from lunch, that I took an efficiency cue from some of my fellow Indianapol'ins...

here, a local 'barber' uses the city's construction power outlet to cut down on his operating costs ;)

Maybe we, tax paying citizens, are passing the buck... are not doing all we can... are not doing our part to take what we can from what those tax dollars are paying?!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I tell myself that I am not alone.
and while you may not openly admit it, you are probably right here next to me...

you too are addicted to reality television.

But no longer can it be said that nothing good comes from watching these somewhat scripted snapshots of contract signed away lives...

I once had a fear 4 facial tattoos, and thanks 2 4 the love of ray J... i am cured.

Lauren & I at 6's carnival birthday party (some girl actually asked me if mine hurt 2 get!)

So... if ever you look over your shoulder while watching a rerun at your desk of Rock of Love on your lunch break, or cross your toes under the table when you agree with your friends comment that that Cincinnati high school boy really wouldn't get away with dating those 2 girls so openly...

it's okay... bc along with wasted time and lost braincells, come life lessons about acceptance and not mixing your alcohols ;)

Admitting I have a problem...

I am a people watcher. 100%, to the core, I just might have a staring problem at times.

But how can 1 not help to give a WIDE EYED STARE at this when it...

Rather than be embarassed, she stopped in the road bc she saw me taking this picture (as if i was someone appreciating the horse... not appreciating the situation)

missing in action

yes... as many of you have informed me, i have failed to keep up with my blogger obligations in the past month. to say the least, i have not exactly been in much of a writing mood.

but not to say i haven't had posting inspirations dancing in my head like sugar plums.
I have taken some pics and intend to get to posting them soon!

and in the midst of my absence i have been very busy with:
- starting a new roll within the business development department of my company
- sitting on the committee for the IRT
- taking private dance lessons (yes private, bc all the other classes had an avg student age of 12)
- soccer 2 very long nights a week
- doing no physical activity otherwise ;)
- spending the wknd in Chicago with EEEE!
- attending ISU graduation
- attempting to plan the next year'ish of my life
- watching all my favorite shoe's 2 hour finales
- and spending the wknd in Grand Rapids w the fam 4 a wedding reception

...need less 2 say, my sabbatical has been somewhat justified

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

please don't stop the music...

i love music &
i love 2 dance.

mind u...
i don't love to sing to be heard &
i don't love to have people dance up on me.

But better believe...
i played music for my sisters' belly's in order 2 breed a beat :)

right now... my favorite's list is largely dominated by Keri Hilson.
(yes yes... she did/does dis my girl beyonce in her recent remix, but i gotta say... the girl knew how to do it. makes me even giggle a bit at the expense of my favorite girl B)

none the less... the girl is on repeat in my head whether the ear buds r in or not.
here are the 2 i just can't seem 2 get enough of right now-

1. Knock You Down- ft kanye west n ne-yo.
has a tune that i can't help but sing along to! can't get over both added bonus's by the boys either... but one of my favorite part by far is:

'take the girl with the bad, happy & the sad, but will u bring a better future than i had in the past... oh bc i don't wanna make the same mistakes i did, dont' wanna fall back on my face again'

Knock You Down (Official Music Video) - KERI HILSON feat KANYE WEST & NE-YO

2. Turnin Me On-
can't get enough of the beat and the dances she does. better believe i have watched, and 'perfected' the: shoulder turn move, arm cross w lean n leg pop, and 4 sure goin to be using the alternating arm swing with coordinating leg lift!

"Turnin Me On" feat Lil Wayne OFFICIAL Music Video - Keri Hilson

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I pitty the Fool!

To all of you who might not know... i was born on April Fools day.
(yes... quite fitting as i have been told, MANY TIMES)
That fact then lends itself well to finding fun things 2 do 2 celebrate.

This past wednesday Shae, Lauren & i stepped out for a bit 2 see what Indy had to offer.
This years themed party that we attended: mustaches.
not so sure how that plays into april fools day too well, but that sure didn't stop us from joining in the fun!

we started with dinner & of course DESSERT at applebees

Even Jonathon came out 2 bring a bit of home 2 the evening

mustache = april fools?

lauren was 2 cool 2 wear one... we clearly were not... and this guys ISN't FAKE! haha

O Canada

Last week was my 24th birthday and thanks 2 my great friends i feel like i have been celebrating for nearly 2 weeks (1 b4 n 1 after)

And all of the fun started the weekend before when my friend Alyssa accompanied me to Columbus, Oh to watch friends of mine play against the Crew on Saturday.

My friend Marvell plays 4 Toronto FC and boy did he give us the birthday hook-up! :)
Not only did he give us great front row tickets, but he spoiled us by bringing extra game jersey's for us to wear AND giving us the heads up as to what his fans had to offer... n boy am i thankful that he did! here is a quick game day itinerary run down:

11:30am- take taxi from team hotel to field. (game time 4pm mind you)

11:46am- spy field full of REDS
11:47am- exit the taxi.
11:47:15am- rushed by 5000 TFC fans that came on buses that morning at 4am from Toronto!
(realize we r the only females as far as we can see! ha)
12:00pm- have new Canadian best friends who make it their duty to show us how they do it up north.
1:00pm- Alyssa decides to have the fan's sign Marv's jersey i have on w inspirational thoughts... most only can think to sign their: name, city of origin, or...'you r fast man' ;)
2:00pm- follow the loud music & find a circle of people dancing 2 known by heart fan chants
3:00pm- find some Canadians who know how to BBQqqqqq!
3:30pm- Alyssa's mom Nancy arrives to see the game
4:00pm- GAME TIME... watch the guys pull out a tie while in great company!
needless to say... we had a great time hanging out with great people during the day, and then enjoyed our great friends company that night as we painted Columbus RED!